IntraNect MFT

IntraNect provides an out-of-the-box secure managed data transfer solution for complex environments where conversion of the data is typically handled by a variety of home-grown applications.

In every organisation the landscape of head office and branche systems or partner systems is continuously evolving and changing. Often there were initially just a few systems to connect, and “home-grown” file transfer systems would be developed by local staff. These file transfer systems were very often “quick and dirty” solutions based around the Internet standard File Transfer Protocol “FTP” together with a collection of locally developed scripts.
With the number and complexity of the interfaces within the organisation increasing, subsequent changes and maintenance of those home-grown scripts often incur a significant cost and time or prove to be difficult to implement, with the original developers of the scripts having moved on within the organisation.
And all of the time, technology continues to advance.
Home-grown solutions offer no strategy to take advantage of new technological developments.

IntraNect provides an out of the Box Managed File Transfer system that provides all of the functionality described above – and more.
ERST is a specialist in the area of data transfer applications, continually incorporating this know-how into the core Intranect product. This in-depth data transfer expertise turns Intranect into an outstanding product.
  • 99,999 % availability
  • Open Standard Protocols (XML, Web-Services)
  • Highest Security Standard
  • On-the-fly compression & checksums
  • Full transaction support (auto-retransmission)
  • Auto-optimizer for “slicing” & auto-resume
  • Visualisation and tracking of data flows
  • Job scheduler
  • Customizable Alerts
  • Event Processing and Notification
  • Dashboard and Reporting Center

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