We are on a Mission...

We are your trusted Partner when it comes to mission critical business processes.
We improve the competitiveness of our customers by strictly protecting their vendor independence.
We talk of End-to-End business processes rather than simply servers and networks.
We believe that Services should be measured and constantly improved with a transparent price.

European Retail Systems Technology ERST founded in 1996 released the first IntraNect Version in 2000. Today this product has over 100 modules and is the harbour of all operations for a major Petrol company.

History at a Glance
  • 1996 Foundation of IBW GmbH
  • 2000 Launch of IntraNect 1.0
  • 2005 Acquisition of ERST GmbH
  • 2005 Launch of AIM Productline
  • 2006 Rebranding as ERST Technology
  • 2007 Launch of AIM Vapour Recovery
  • 2008 Techniche Ltd. Acquires ERST Technology
  • 2015 Android App for Nagios and SLA Management
  • 2015 15th Anniversary IntraNect XL 
  • 2017 SNP acquires ERST Technology

ERST strives for a work culture where employees look at the big picture and see themselves as contributing to the world, rather than simply fulfilling material needs. If this is what you want – check out Careers

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