Vending and Reverse Vending

If you are operating Vending or Reverse Vending Systems reliable Data Transfer from and to your systems is critical.

This is especially true if you operate a variety of different suppliers or models. Unfortunately the proprietary software provided by your vendor will require a massive and costly overhead to your day-to-day operations and is therefore no option.

If you wanna have a single dashboard reporting the entire systems landscape we need to talk.

Let's just illustrate the benefits of IntraNect on a few critical business tasks.

1. Safety Recall

Let's assume  you get a safety recall from one of your food suppliers - you need to make sure that the product is not available for purchase on all systems. Ideally within seconds. Consider it done!

IntraNect is exactly designed for those tasks.

2. Just-in-Time Refill

Planning and optimizing the logistics is a critical cost factor. If you are using a 3rd Party for refill, we can provide the inventory almost in realtime.

3. Maintenance Calls

In your business downtime is not acceptable and a system outage costs you money almost every second. We can send and orchestrate service calls and we can also predict the financial impact of the downtime. 

Our expertise 

we reach out to over 5000 reverse vending systems daily
we connect to the 4 major reverse vending brands and a broad variety of machine models
we ensure our customers vendor independence and avoid vendor lock-in.
Our customer can add new vending suppliers hassle-free and without additional IT expenditure.

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