Vendor Independence

Global Players need to stay competitive and certainly one way in achieving this goal is to select prefered suppliers. This allows to bundle the procurement process and results often in attractive volume discounts. This is certainly the case with office stationery but doesn't work out to well for licenses, in particular for Software Licenses and related Services.

We all understand that the ongoing costs for maintaining and operating IT Infrastructure after the initial purchase are still massive and are simply costs of doing business.  It is therefore key to select transparent business partners.

It might sound initially tempting to select one supplier for your Retail POS Infrastructure but we strongly believe that it does not pay off on the long haul. Just consider the costs of software maintenance and the forced release changes to avoid uplift on the maintenance costs.

Why would you not use the purchasing power you own and select at any given moment the most commercially attractive offer. If you are afraid of the increasing complexitiy in your IT operations, when adding different Systems, we are here to help.

We connect seamlessly to the most popular POS Systems and get your data realiable from your shop site to your ERP System. In the right format and 24x7.

You can either use our Cloud and SaaS Services or simply run the IntraNect Server in your own Datacenter.

Our business is to protect your vendor neutrality and enable you to select the best business partner
at any time in a competitive mature market environment.

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