Customer specific pricing in OFBiz

Before you can really use OFBiz successfully you need to do a fair bit of custimazition. One of the things you usually start off with - is Catalog Management.

OFBiz wants you to structure your products in a Catalog (which you assign to a Web-Shop), where Categories would hold Products.  This sounds trivial but belive me it is not. So my advice is to take some time and carefully design your product structures.

As IT comany we offer not only products but also bespoken Application Development. So you might define Application Development as a product in your catalog.

If you have different prices for Application Development depending on the customer you can use the very powerful pricing rules in OFBiz.

First make sure that this product has a List Price - otherwise pricing rules will not work - which is a bit strange as you can select Percentage of Default Price as well.

The way we organized our set-up is that we check the Party Group and the Product ID and once this AND conditions are met, we apply a discount to the List Price - make sure you enter the discount value as -10 - if you forget the minus it is considered a premium and will be added to the list price.

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