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For enterprises running complex plant equipment 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, asset uptime is critically important. That’s why AIM and IntraNect XL are tailored for asset intensive enterprises.

Petrol ERST Technology
Asset intensive industries tend to focus more on the complex plants and equipment they use than the products they produce. Any interruption due to plant or equipment failure can result in lost production that may be unrecoverable. Applying latest sensor Technology – AIM ensures the highest level of service and availability. The adaptive Concept of AIM predicts systems behaviour so unscheduled systems outages are reduced and quality of service is guaranteed. Promised.
Accurate and reliable Data – available in realtime – is absolutely important in the Oil & Gas industry. You expect that your equipment is up and running and your business Partner is available too. Unconditioned. IntraNect XL is the solution.

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