AIM (Ambient Intelligent Maintenance) is a multi-level data analysis tool that allows individual users to analyse and drill down data from global, enterprise, business unit down to site and device levels.

ERST Technology realized at an early stage the potential of  ‘Ambient Intelligence’. The AIM Productfamily with over 20 Modules uses latest sensor Technology to adapt and forecast systems behaviour. With AIM you monitor and analyse your infrastructure and you receive warnings on all upcoming issues well in advance – without impacting your quality of service. Guaranteed.
AIM - Ambient Intelligent Maintenance
Automated and secured data communication of these static content for central and dynamic analysis, interpretation, prevention, control, weak spot recognition and documentation / archiving also for central and local using of third parties
Petrol Station / “Forecourt”
  • Petrol Pumps
  • Gas-Recirculation-Monitoring
  • Price Poles / Price Pole Web-Cam
  • Tank-Volume-Gauging
  • Gas Separator / Light-Fluid-Separator
  • Leakage Indicator Monitoring
  • POS/BOS Systems
  • Washing Plant
  • Petrol Pump
Shop- & Facility Area / “Backcourt”
  • Freezing Plant
  • Air-Conditioning
  • Lighting
  • Electric Heating

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