Cloud Service

It has been the hot topic in the previous years and it is getting increasingly high on the CIO Agenda of global players. Most of them are reconsidering their datacenter policy and might have decided to retire a couple of centers. It simply requires a heavy investment to stay up to date with your own datacenters and the ongoing costs of doing business are heavy too.

If you would like to use our prodcuts in your private cloud with a secure VPN tunnel and with a well designed SLA we should talk.

We can provide the Operational Support and the Application Support - reporting back to your business unit in the language they are used to.  Business owners don't care if  Server A is down, they would like to know the impact and the business processes currently on hold. With our longterm expertise in the Retail sector we have over the years developed a solid understanding of those processes.

We monitor your Application with a Business view. Promised!

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