Orkney E2E

While CIOs consinder moving more and more services into the cloud or at least into a private cloud the monitoring requirements for applications increase drastically.
Apparently Global Players need to make sure that Services are at a certain level and therefore more and more IT companies face increasing demand for specific Application Monitoring.
While ITIL is a good starting point when it comes to Application Support it becomes instantly clear that hosting and traditional server monitoring will not do the job.

A single business process might use several applications in the background. Monitoring and measuring the end-to-end processing time is a real challange if not impossible.

With Orkney we address exactly this issue of measuring and monitoring your SLA's across application boundaries and enable you to provide a business view back to your customer.

Orkney E2E Dashboard

The good thing about Orkney is that you don't need to undergo a rewrite of the application you intend to monitor. Orkney E2E can be triggered with log-file entries or mail triggers or you can use the restful API.

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